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Honeywell Lyric Thermostat

Wi-Fi / Smart Phone
Geo-Fencing 7-Mile Radius
Auto Adjusting
Comfort. Life. Savings. All Without the Learning Curve.

You’re in. You’re out. You’re all over the place. What if your thermostat adjusted to your dynamic lifestyle? Since your life does anything but follow an exact schedule, why should your comfort system be designed that way? The Honeywell Lyric allows control from anywhere (smart phones included) and it can also intelligently manage comfort on its own.


  • Honeywell’s classic round design
  • 3” diameter polished glass face
  • 1” beveled depth
  • Motion-sense illumination
  • Simplified touchscreen interface
  • User-friendly iconography


  • Geofencing automatically regulates temperature when you’re away
  • Fine Tune considers temperature and humidity
  • Smart Cues keep you informed
  • Shortcuts create custom settings for recurring events
  • Motion-sensing display lights up on approach
  • Control from anywhere with your smart devices

Fine Tune

Comfort is about more than just the temperature. Humidity levels have an equally big impact on how your home feels, so optimizing both factors means a comfortable home— no matter the weather.

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Honeywell is changing the way you think about comfort. Leaving the house? Enable geofencing, and the Lyric thermostat will automatically adjust based on your smartphoneʼs location. Or, tap the Away button on your thermostat to set the temperature back while youʼre gone. The result? Comfort when youʼre home and savings when youʼre away.

Smart Phone Shortcuts

Tailor your comfort to any situation, at the touch of a button. Create unique shortcuts for unique situations, or, save the shortcuts you really like and theyʼll be available on your app any time you want. Customizable comfort has never been so simple.

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