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Air Conditioner Repair

June 16, 2014

Have you ever needed air conditioner repair? Maybe you’ve pulled into the driveway and dashed through a sweltering garage for the cool air awaiting you inside…only to open the door and be hit with more sweltering air! It’s not a fun situation, but it’s one we can definitely help you with.

Air conditioner repair for the greater Virginia Beach area

Delta T Mechanical is a leading Virginia Beach air conditioner repair company. We can fix any system, regardless of the age or brand of equipment. And the best part is, we do the job right.

Do You Need Air Conditioner Repair?

Maybe your air conditioner hasn’t broken down, but you think you see some signs indicating a problem? Here are some common indicators of an issue with your heating and air system:

1. Not Staying Cool

This is of course the most obvious sign of an A/C problem. If you think your system is blowing warmer air than it used to, something could be wrong.

2. Weakened Airflow

This can be due to even a dirty filter, but if airflow is weak you need to have your system checked out. If you’ve changed your air filter, and things don’t improve, give us a call.

3. Increased Noise

Heating and air equipment is designed to run as quietly as possible. Granted, some equipment on the lower end of the quality line-up will still be loud. But the point is, if your equipment seems louder than it used to, this can indicate an issue.

4. Higher Utility Bills

Another sure sign of a heating and air problem are increased utility bills. A well running air conditioning system will not have utility spikes.

Do the above problems always mean your air conditioner is bad? Not at all. Sometimes it’s a ducting issue. Or maybe a dirty indoor coil that could use a UV lamp.

Delta T is an expert at properly diagnosing and repairing a problem. We’ve saved many customers a lot of money when they come to us thinking they need a new air conditioner, and we tell them the problem is actually something else entirely! Call us for your Virginia Beach air conditioner repair or heat pump repair needs — you will not be disappointed!

Thanks for reading our blog, and for considering Delta T Mechanical

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