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Air Conditioner Virginia Beach special

Air Conditioner Virginia Beach

It’s a hot summer day, but outside your Virginia Beach home is a hard-working air conditioner making sure your family stays cool. But did you know that a cool home involves a lot more than just an air conditioner or heat pump outside?

How Your Home Is Cooled

If you’ve ever looked at an AC unit outside, you’ve noticed there is no ducting travelling from the equipment to the inside of your home. So how to air conditioners and heat pumps cool? They compress a gas called refrigerant. When the gas is compressed, heat energy in the gas is dissipated into the outside air, and the gas condenses down to a chilled fluid. This chilled refrigerant is then pumped into the home, to the indoor coil.

With the coil full of ice-cold refrigerant, the fan motor in the furnace kicks on and pulls air from the home via the return air ducts. The air is forced through the chilled coil, and heat energy is absorbed by the refrigerant, thus cooling the air. Moisture also condensates on the coil during the heat energy transfer, which helps dehumidify humid summer air.

Quality Air Conditioning

Who do you call for a quality air conditioner in Virginia Beach? We think you should call us! Delta T is a trusted and experienced heating and air contractor who is ready to serve you with exceptional service. We know the fine details surrounding all heating and air conditioning equipment including coils, air handlers, furnaces, ducting, thermostats, packaged systems and more! We do right by our customers, and we’re in the business of not just customer satisfaction, but thrilling our customers with the service and solutions we provide.

“Delta T were incredible professional and I can’t praise these men enough. Delta T came in evaluated my entire HVAC system and gave me a very fair price and no hidden or additional charges, and the system looks and performs outstanding. thank you so much to Dave and his crew, God bless you.” — Frank R., Virginia Beach

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Air Conditioner Virginia Beach
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    Air Conditioning Tune-Ups

    Air Conditioning Tune-Ups

    The design and installation of your system is the most important step. Next on the list is seasonal AC maintenance. Imagine skipping tune-ups on your vehicle. Eventually that would catch up to you in the form of poor gas mileage and premature repairs. Your heating and air conditioning system isn’t that much different. Our maintenance is a cost effective way to keep your utility bills where they should be, and protect the life span of your equipment. We service any make and model of gas and electric equipment.

    24 Hour AC Repair

    24 Hour AC Repair

    A heating and air system doesn’t look at the calendar, and pick the most convenient time of day to break down. No, it’s typically late at night, early in the morning, or on the 4th of July. We offer 24×7 AC repair for the greater Virginia Beach area. Our technicians are trained, and ready to accurately troubleshoot a problem, and make the right recommendations on a cost effective solution. When you rely on Delta T, your comfort and your bank account are protected. Call us today at 757-671-7283.

    Life in Tune

    Life in Tune

    Innovation is a word typically reserved for the latest computer, gadget or luxury car. But guess what? HVAC has earned the right to use innovation in describing home comfort. Why? It applies to many areas. Take the new Honeywell Lyric™ thermostat for example. It allows control from a smart phone, and can sense when you’re leaving and/or coming home, and adjust comfort accordingly. Plus you can save “comfort profiles” on your phone for easy activation. It’s just never been easier to stay comfortable, and save money while doing so!

    Air Conditioner Virginia Beach
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