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A gas furnace is the most common way to keep a home cozy warm when our beaches turn cold during a Virginia Beach winter season. Gas furnaces use natural gas (inexpensive) or propane (more expensive) for homes in rural areas that don’t have access to natural gas.

If you understand the basics of heating and air conditioning, you know that keeping your home comfortable involves moving heat energy. An air conditioner moves it out, and a furnace moves it in. A furnace adds heat energy to the air inside your home by heating a metal “heat exchanger” with a gas fueled flame. The fan motor in the furnace turns on and pulls air from the return air duct(s). The air is forced through the heat exchanger, which adds heat energy back in.

The fan motor in the furnace is used year round, because the air conditioner also relies on it to move air through the home and the indoor coil. Variable speed ECM fan motors are whisper quiet. No longer do you have to turn up the TV when the heating and air kicks on!

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*A consequence of heating air like this is the further removal of moisture from already dry winter air. A whole house humidifier can balance your home back to proper humidity for greater comfort.