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Heat Pump Virginia Beach special

Heat Pump Virginia Beach

Traditionally, a home heating and air conditioning system consists of an air conditioner and furnace. However, another option is using a heat pump instead of an air conditioner. Heat pumps are all electric just like an air conditioner, and they cool your home like an air conditioner does as well. The difference? A heat pump can also heat your home during our winter months.

What a Heat Pump Does

Heat pumps heat by pulling heat energy from the outside air, and using this heat energy to warm the air in your home. It’s basically the air conditioning process in reverse. Heat pumps are great when paired with a gas furnace. This equals a hybrid heating system, and saves money in the winter by switching between the gas furnace and electric heat pump depending on outdoor temperatures (a heat pump can be more efficient than a gas furnace at mild winter temps).

Repair & Service Done Right

Many people get a little nervous about calling a heat pump service technician, and rightly so! Too many homeowners spend money they just didn’t need to spend due to poor advice from a tech. When you call Delta T Mechanical, this simply does not happen. We arrive at your home with your best interests in mind, and we troubleshoot the right way so that the true problem is discovered. When you call Delta T for Virginia Beach heat pump repair, you can relax in knowing that your time and money will be protected.

“This company exceeded expectations, did an amazing job, quick, efficient, and great service. The plus was also way cheaper than competition for much better overall products and service.”

— Jeanne C., Virginia Beach,

“Delta-T saved us from having to buy a new furnace as a result of a previous contractor not having the technical knowledge to repair the leak. They went the extra mile in terms of workmanship and customer service to get the furnace up and running. It was a pleasure to work with Dave and Todd and we highly recommend them.”

— Jana H., Norfolk
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Heat Pump Virginia Beach
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    Quality Heat Pumps

    Quality Heat Pumps

    The design and installation of any indoor comfort system is the key to reliable, efficient operation. With Delta T, you get just that. And you also get the right type of foundation: An underlying layer of top-quality equipment that is built to withstand the abuse of changing seasons, and many years of operation. We’re committed to providing our customers with the finest indoor comfort solutions for their specific needs. From installation to ongoing maintenance, we’re here to make sure your family stays comfortable for less! Quality heat pump Virginia Beach: Schedule a free estimate today!

    Ductless Air Conditioning and Heating

    Ductless Air Conditioning and Heating

    Fujitsu Halcyon® ductless heat pumps offer quiet, efficient heating and cooling to any living space, without the need for ducting. Ductless systems are also called “mini-splits” because part of the equipment is located outside, and part of the equipment is located inside the home. A ductless mini-split system is very efficient, and the indoor air handler can be mounted on the wall or recessed in the ceiling. Join the many Virginia Beach homeowners who are loving their newly found comfort in a ductless system!

    Heat Pump Virginia Beach
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