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Packaged Systems

Most residential heating and air systems are known as “split systems” because an air conditioner or heat pump sits outside the home, and the rest of the equipment is located inside. This works well, and is the most energy efficiency setup, however sometimes indoor space or construction doesn’t allow for a normal split system to be installed.

Everything In A Single Foot Print

When equipment cannot be located inside, and option is a packaged heating and air conditioning system. Packaged systems locate all equipment into a single footprint installation that can be mounted on the roof, or on a slab in the backyard.

The Flavors of Packaged Systems

A packaged system can come as cooling only, heat pump based heating and cooling, gas and electric heating and cooling, and even hybrid systems. Each offers different advantages and efficiency ratings.

In fact, speaking of efficiency, this is where a packaged system falls short of a split system: packaged products are never as efficient as a split system can be. So even though a single footprint outside sounds nice, if your home can handle indoor equipment, split is definitely the way to go.

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