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A heat pump can both heat and cool your home, and they’re often more efficient than even a natural gas furnace when winter temperatures are mild. A gas furnace trumps a heat pump when we dip down really cold, but since … Continued

Heat pumps are pretty cool. In fact, most people do not realize just how cool they are. Did you know heat pumps provide year round comfort? Did you know that they heat your home by pulling heat energy from the air outside, … Continued

Our area is the perfect place to take advantage of a heat pump. If you’re not familiar with them, they’re all electric units that heat and cool. Basically, its an air conditioner that can also heat. This is done by reversing the cooling … Continued

Are you having trouble with your heat-pump based system? Whether you have a heat-pump-only or hybrid heating setup, if you need repair, maintenance or replacement services in the greater Virginia Beach area, Delta T Mechanical is the company to call! … Continued

You’ve been out with family and friends enjoying the summer weather, but by the end of another sun soaked day, you’re ready for the cool, relaxing climate of home. The car pulls into the driveway, the unpacking begins, and you … Continued