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Virginia Beach AC Installation special

Virginia Beach AC Installation

Are you looking for a new air conditioner or heat pump for your home? Not sure on packaged, split or ductless, but looking for a good price and a quality system? You have landed on the right site! Delta T is hands down your best choice for a Virginia Beach AC installation done right. In fact, did you know the design and install is the most important part of your system? It’s even more important than the brand of equipment. Here’s an analogy to explain:

A BMW Metaphor

Let’s say you’ve saved up for a new BMW, but want to save money, so you’re going to have a mechanic build it who will cut you a deal. You hand the ordering and assembly over to the mechanic who’s not really built a car before – just worked on them, but his price is right. The mechanic hops on the phone, places the order for the BMW parts, and a few days later a semi shows up with all of the stuff. Your mechanic puts everything together over the next week, and then you hop in and turn the key. Do you think your new “beemer” is really going to operate well? It’s built with quality parts straight from BMW right? But did you know the mechanic wasn’t sure on which transmission to get to match the engine he ordered? Did you know he accidentally put the rear suspension in the front, and forgot to add initial fluid to the radiator? Did you know the alternator is undersized and it only has a single exhaust when the high performance engine you paid for needs a dual? And so it goes with a  Virginia Beach AC installation.

It’s About More Than The Equipment

So the above analogy is a little out there, as people don’t pay to have cars assembled, but the truth is accurate. In fact, if we had you talk to a homeowner who trusted the mechanic to build their heating and air system, you’d realize how costly that can be. Sometimes everything has to be pulled out and replaced. A complete restart that can double the price. Calling Delta T is the best thing to do for your comfort, and your pocket book. We’re a Virginia Beach AC installation company who does things according to factory specifications. Call us today for a job done right!

“Delta T were incredible professional and I can’t praise these men enough. they saved me around 1000.00 dollars in comparison to 2 other companies quotes where I felt they were looking for ways to jack the price up. Delta T came in evaluated my entire HVAC system and gave me a very fair price and no hidden or additional charges, and the system looks and performs outstanding. thank you so much to Dave and his crew, God bless you.” — Frank R.

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Virginia Beach AC Installation
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    Heat Pumps Too

    Heat Pumps Too

    Our area is a prime place to use a heat pump. What’s a heat pump? It’s an air conditioner that can also heat your home. Heat pumps heat by reversing the cooling process. So instead of pulling heat energy from inside the home and dissipating the heat energy into the air outside (air conditioning) a heat pump moves heat energy from outside to inside the home. Heat pump efficiency is measured with the same SEER rating used for an air conditioner. In heating mode, a heat pump’s efficiency is measured by a Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF) rating. Call us today to learn more about a heat pump and if it’s a good choice for your home.

    Virginia Beach AC Installation
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