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Virginia Beach Heat Pumps

March 9, 2017

Virginia Beach Heat Pumps

A heat pump can both heat and cool your home, and they’re often more efficient than even a natural gas furnace when winter temperatures are mild. A gas furnace trumps a heat pump when we dip down really cold, but since those days are limited, heat pumps are a common alternative to gas heat in the Virginia Beach area.

How Does A Heat Pump Work?

The main thing to understand about heating and air is that comfort is achieved by moving heat energy. In the summer, heat energy is moved out of the home. In the winter, heat energy is added back in. An air conditioner and heat pump both cool in the same way: by compressing a gas called refrigerant. When compressed, the gas condenses down into a chilled liquid. The heat energy released from the refrigerant is dissipated into the outside air.

The chilled liquid is pumped inside to the indoor coil, and warm air from the home is forced through the coil by the fan motor in the furnace or air handler (fan coil). The refrigerant absorbs heat energy from the air, and is then pumped back outside to the air conditioner or heat pump to be compressed again.

In the winter, a heat pump reverses this process. Instead of extracting heat energy from indoor air and dissipating it outside, a heat pump removes heat energy from outside air, and uses this to heat the air in your home. You see, even when air is cold, there is still heat energy.

Virginia Beach Heat Pump Repair

Heat Pump Repair

Like all mechanical equipment, heat pumps can break down. The key to longevity and efficiency is seasonal maintenance. Why? Because maintenance helps keep equipment efficient, which basically means it runs less. The less your heat pump runs, the longer it will last. As a heat pump ages, electronics, the fan motor, coils and other parts can wear. Delta T is an expert at properly diagnosing the cause of any heat pump problem. We’ll help you stretch your hard earned dollars the right way, whether that means repair or replacement.

Thanks for reading the Delta T blog! We hope you’ll call us for all of your Virginia Beach heat pump repair needs.

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